High Court Appeal Decision against the boycott to Israel!!

Last Wednesday the High Court of the Spanish region of Madrid rejected the appeal of the Rivas-Vaciamadrid Municipality to overturn the original decision of Court number 4 of Madrid and confirmed its original ruling declaring Rivas-Vaciamadrid City Council agreement to boycott Israel illegal. The proceedings against boycott were filed by Angel Mas, President of ACOM.
The motion was originally passed thanks to Podemos and IU (ruling parties), and Socialist Party.
The High Court upholds that the City Council lacked powers to pass any resolution that interferes with the conduction of foreign affairs by the Government, the Court deemed every working section of the decision as discriminatory and without any substance in the field of International Law, explicitly stating that resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations did not provide any legal foundation to boycott Israeli institutions, companies or organizations.
In addition, the City Council is ordered to pay costs.
This is the second time a high court has issued a judgment relating to BDS in Spain after a number of ordinary courts have ruled it unlawful throughout the country at the initiative of ACOM, putting an end to the impunity of its activities.