In Valencia’s regional parliament, political groups on the left do not dare vote for the region’s adhesion to the BDS movement or declare a boycott of Israel

In Valencia’s regional parliament, political groups on the left do not dare vote for the region’s adhesion to the BDS movement or declare a boycott of Israel


  • The Socialist Party of Valencia, Compromis and Podemos agree on a proposal condemning Israel that is full of false and manipulated references about the Middle East’s reality in the non-legislative permanent commission of Human Rights of the Valencian Regional Parliament.


  • Valencia’s left wing groups, in fear of a possible penalty of disqualification from holding public office, refuse to adhere to the BDS Anti-Semitic Movement and ELAI Space (a euphemism used to discriminate against Jews in a territory).


  • Despite statements plagued by hatred and lies approved by local governments in Spain, the legal actions carried out by ACOM continue to dissuade regional councils and parliaments from joining the anti-Semitic movement to boycott Israel, such as groups close to Podemos and the separatists.





The proposal presented last July 3 by the Valencian Socialist Party, Compromis and Podemos at the Commission of Human Rights of the Valencian Autonomous Parliament, is a politically biased statement and is supported by an accumulation of falsehoods promoted by the radical left with an evident lack of intellectual analysis and a profound lack of truth about the Palestinians’ current situation.


The initiative, which has been approved by votes in favor of the three groups promoting it and with the abstention of PP and Ciudadanos, is a faithful replica of the BDS movement’s extremist ideology: an organization known internationally for its radicalism and promotion of hatred towards the Jews. At the same time, it is worth mentioning the lack of any condemnation of Hamas, a jihadist group supported by Iran and recognized as a terrorist group by the EU, who is the main destabilizing actor in the Palestinian Territories and is responsible for manipulating, pressuring and subjugating Gaza’s population.


The initial intention of this initiative’s promoters was to boost adherence to the discriminatory movement calling for the institution to boycott Israel and Jews, but, knowing that such accession is illegal and unconstitutional, and because of ACOM warnings that approving measures that invite hatred could lead to penalties of disqualification from professional functions, they have shied away from doing so.


In return, to continue fanning the fire of incitement and sickly obsession against the Jews and their state, the PSOE-PSPV, Compromís, and Podemos urge the Valencian Government to continue along this path and make a similar declaration and even a formal adhesion. ACOM’s legal response and the consequences would be exactly the same.


ACOM is the main complainant of anti-Semitic hate speech in Spain and the actions carried out before the courts have determined the illegality and unconstitutionality of discrimination against Israelis, Jews, and their supporters orchestrated by the BDS campaign and the shameful «ELAI space» up to 33 times and has provoked the consequent action of prosecution through its specialized section on hate crimes. It is also important to remember that adherence to this type of movement is forbidden by law in countries such as France, Germany, and numerous US states because of its radicalism and promotion of hatred against Jews.


For its part, ACOM urges political parties to study and analyze the lack of respect for Human Rights that the people in the Palestinian Territories really suffer in depth, such as the lack of freedom and the submission of women, repression and violence against LGTBI collectives, or brutal attacks on religious minorities in those territories.


Regarding the inspirers of this type of action, who misappropriate the use of Spanish public institutions, nine members of the BDS Pais Valencià group are sitting on the bench for serious crimes of harassment, coercion, and aggression against the American Jewish artist Matisyahu in the summer of 2015, which could lead to prison sentences of up to four years for the accused.


ACOM is working to defend the constitutional legal framework and in its commitment to the fight against anti-Semitic hatred, will continue to take legal action against any public institution that promotes discrimination and animosity against the Jewish people and the State of Israel.