New boycott agreement annuled in Catalonia thanks to ACOM

Two months after the approval of discriminatory measures by the City Council of Montcada i Reixac the legal actions of ACOM in Catalonia have achieved the annulment of the boycott.

ACOM presented an administrative appeal against the motion approved by the City Council of Montcada (34,802 inhabitants, in Barcelona province), which involved the town and its citizens in a clear discriminatory practice. The motion had the support of catalonian separatists groups ERC, PDCAT, CUP and the local branches of extreme left Podemos and IU.

On 22 February the plenary session of said City Council agreed to accept the legal action presented by ACOM, accepting the invalidity of the boycott against Israel, after evaluating the reach of its discriminatory, anti-Semite and illegal measure. The agreement of acceptance was voted by the local government, Ciudadanos and Partido Popular, Spanish Constitutional parties, and the abstention of PDCAT and the votes against of CUP, PSC and a councilor of Podemos.

Despite the threats made in said plenary session against ACOM by the spokesperson of CUP (separatist party), we are pleased to be a source of frustration for the worst radical groups that promote the campaign of discrimination, and that they identify us as their main obstacle for their attempts to break our coexistence and the constitutional order.