Onda walks away from its commitment to BDS discrimination

The Plenary of the Onda City Council approved yesterday by a majority the withdrawal of its adhesion to the anti-Semitic BDS movement, committed to discriminating Israeli companies and people, as well as non-Israeli organizations or persons supporting the Jewish state.
The motion of adhesion to the BDS was presented in the past by IU (Communist Party) with the support of PSOE, Compromis (regionalist party), and Podemos. Onda is a town located in the province of Castellon, with 25.000 inhabitants.
Following ACOM’s legal actions, which exposed the illegality of this agreement, and after listening to the cry of the civil society in this locality, all political groups (with the exception of IU) have rectified. Thus, Onda becomes again a city council open to all and that does not discriminate against anyone based on national, ethnic or religious origin, including the Jews.
Thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM, 13 boycott agreements have been annulled by the courts (including 2 rulings of High Courts of Justice), 7 City Councils have voluntarily revoked said agreements after our legal action, and 1 municipality has its agreements legally suspended until a final decision is made.
A clearly anti-Semitic movement, the BDS is not only facing a firm response from our judicial system and our constitutional framework, with courts that deal blow after legal blow to its mafia-style, violent, and excluding strategy; but its Judeophobic outrages are also being curbed by a civil society and its increasingly sensitive representatives.