Sagunto: another blow to BDS in Spain

  • A new defeat for the BDS movement in Spain thanks to ACOM.
  • The discriminators use subterfuges and gifts to approve initiatives of hatred with this type of statements of a supposed support for the Palestinian people, but really against Israel, Israeli citizens and Israel friends.
  • The informative effort of ACOM exposes their illegality.
  • The legal actions of ACOM have managed to reverse this discriminatory agreement that infringed seriously upon civil rights and constitutional principles.


On 26 June, and thanks to the vote of the Esquerra Unida (Communists), Coalición Compromís (regionalist close to Catalonian separatism), Iniciativa Porteña (local party), Socialist Party and ADN Morvedre (local franchise of pro-iranian and pro-chavist Podemos), Sagunto (65.000 inhabitants, close to Valencia) approved to boycott Israel in defiance of court rulings.

Sagunto’s Jewish quarter and cemetery are among the best preserved in Spain.

Only weeks later, thanks to the legal initiative of ACOM, the City Hall of Sagunto has removed the motion.  We provided key legal advice, and the parties directly concerned were informed accordingly in order to revoke an anti-Semitic resolution plenty of of discriminatory clauses.

This clear setback for those who try to promote from the Spanish public institutions a platform of hatred towards the only democracy in the Middle East and towards the Jewish people would not have occurred without the clear, firm and conclusive position of ACOM, whose legal actions against this type of initiatives have prospered already in dozens of city halls around Spain. ACOM will continue with its work of unmasking the anti-Semites and of resorting to the rule of law to leave without effect their discriminatory initiatives in any instance that is necessary.

Also, in the cases in which the authorities refuse to leave without effect such resolutions voluntarily ACOM will resort to the Spanish courts of justice to annul them and will take those who have voted to implement them to court for perversion of justice.

Ángel Mas, President of ACOM, points out that “we will continue to stop the BDS extreme movement from infiltrating the institutions of all the Spanish citizens and from breaking the democratic, pluralistic and open nature of our institutions. The excluding measures against the Jewish minority supported by parties like Podemos violate the common framework of coexistence and promote the discrimination based on ethnic or national origin”.