Tarragona, Catalan provincial capital in Spain, the last one to reject approving a BDS declaration

After ACOM decisive intervention

The BDS movement, that in Spain also seeks the institutional boycott of the Jewish State from local governments, is encountering  the vigorous response of the Spanish civil society and the rejection of many political representatives that oppose opening in Spain a economic warfare front against Israel.

It is ever more evident that the groups that support the antisemitic BDS, glorifying Palestinian violence, are the same ones that, from the extreme left, are trying to pervert the Spanish constitutional system and its democratic institutions. Those same groups have also a history of justifying Spain’s own separatist terrorist groups’ murderous actions.
ACOM would like to recognize the political forces of the Catalonian provincial capital of Tarragona (PSC, PP, C’s, Unió and Convergència) that demonstrated their understanding of the issue and moral compass and rejected 19-3 a proposal to boycott Israel, it’s companies and citizens and any other Spaniard supporting the Jewish state.
The declaration was put forward by CUP (extreme left wing Catalan nationalists that support the current regional government of Catalonia) and ICV (integrated in Podemos, a Chavist contender in Spain national elections, economically supported by Venezuela and Iran). ERC (left wing Catalan nationalists) abstained.
ACOM, again, played a central role, educating all moderate political forces on the nature of the BDS movement, it’s true aims and mafia-like methods. We also warned  those groups and the city council legal counsel about the judicial consequences of a discriminatory decision of this kind in Spain and  the extraterritorial application of new US federal and state anti boycott legislation. These detailed work certainly influenced the voting decision and pointed out by the BDS groups nonetheless.

BDS spanish groups threats

ACOM has been very clear in its objectives: the era of impunity, one in which 750,000 Catalonians live in municipalities that have approved antisemitic BDS discrimination, is over. With its more active role in Catalonia ACOM has fought politically to prevent additional declarations and has presented a number of legal demands in Catalonia and in the rest of Spain against the boycotting city councils: over 30 so far, with emerging positive decisions. The result is a new phase of effective deterrence, as the antisemites have to explain their action in Courts of Justice

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