The city council of Valencia says no to BDS

ACOM congratulates the municipal political forces of Valencia which last January 26, flatly refused to join the discriminatory motion that «Valencia en Comú» (local franchise of Podemos in Valencia) intended to have the council approve. In fact, the proposal was not even voted due to a lack of support. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, with around 800,000 inhabitants in the administrative centre, and is ruled by Compromis (Valencianist political party ) in coalition with PSOE (center-left) and Podemos (radical left party).

Thus, some Leftist parties, such as PSOE and Compromis, prevented (as PP and Ciudadanos did before them) the city from joining the anti-Semitic BDS movement.
The factual information provided by ACOM to political groups on the real objectives of BDS, that is, the destruction of the Jewish state and the harassment and discrimination against all those who support it in Spain, has been key in exposing BDS’s political agenda.

In addition, representatives of the Valencians had been warned of the illegality of such proposals, following convictions obtained by ACOM against ten Spanish municipalities. These proposals of municipal adhesion to what bigots call «ELAI» («Israeli Apartheid Free Zones «, paradoxically against the only democracy in the Middle East, where more than 20% of the population is Arab and enjoys the same rights as their fellow countrymen), are also counterproductive for the citizens of the adhering municipalities. The troublesome measures of the BDS movement pose a serious threat to the international reputation of towns which, once stigmatized with a discriminatory and Judeophobic label, are inexorably affected in their business fabric and capacity for development.

We are pleased that the city of Valencia, as other Spanish cities and towns before her, has loudly said NO to the promotion of intolerant «judenfrei» zones.

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  1. Rafael Reyes Rios
    Rafael Reyes Rios Dice:

    Lo que está pasando en España no tiene nombre, la izquierda le ha quitado el puesto a los Neo Nazis y cabezas rapadas en antisemitismo. PABLO Iglesias, lider de pofemos, y pagado por el Gobierno de Iran ,afirma que el Holocausto solo fue una cuestión administrativa y los SS, solo cumplian órdenes , como aqui hace La Guardia Civil y la Policía. Realmente vomitivo, Revisionista y Nazi.

  2. Angeles Manzano jiménez
    Angeles Manzano jiménez Dice:

    Esto pasa por legalizar a los partidos que se sabe como las gastan.Estos son demonios
    Donde esta la democracia que tanto dicen.Todos tienen que arder en el infierno

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