The city of Santa Eulalia in Ibiza annuls anti-Israel boycott agreement

The Plenary of the Ibiza Town Council of Santa Eulalia approved last Friday by majority to cancel its adhesion to the anti-Semitic movement of BDS, which seek to discriminate Israeli companies, Israeli citizens and whomever supports or is associated with the Jewish state in Spain.
Following ACOM’s legal actions that demonstrated the illegality of this agreement, Mayor Vicente Marí Torres and his PArtido Popular group had to rectify. We really appreciate the support of Ciudadanos party trying to stop this ignominy. Once again, Santa Eulalia is the tolerant and cosmopolitan open-minded town, the city that does not discriminate against anyone because of its national, ethnic or religious origin, including the Jews.
The BDS, an obviously anti-Semitic movement, not only finds a firm response in our judicial system and our constitutional framework (with courts that legally deal blow after blow to its strategy of thuggery and violence). But also the Spanish civil society and a growing sensitivity in the representatives of the citizens are putting a stop to these Judeophobic outbursts.

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