The city council of Gijón, flagship of the boycott against Israel in Spain, repeals its discriminatory agreement

**The BDS movement in Spain continues to be exposed as illegal, illegitimate, anti-Semite and terrorist supporter.**

**ACOM’s political and legal initiative results in the end of the boycott against Israel and of the adhesion to the BDS discriminatory movement by the city council of Gijón.**

**Our action towards safeguarding fundamental rights began more than a year ago, after the approval by the city council of Gijón (thanks to the joint initiative of PSOE – socialist party -, Podemos and IU – radical left -, and the abstention of Foro Asturias – regionalist conservative party – of a shameful anti-Semite motion that discriminates against Israeli interests and Spanish citizens that sympathise with the Jewish State. **

**Unfortunately, the sectarianism of the extreme left, the complacency of the Mayor of Foro Asturias, Carmen Moriyón, and the shameful role of bootlicker played by the local leader of the PSOE, José María Pérez, have exposed the city of Gijón to international derision and media ridicule, which has affected its citizens.**

**Despite persisting in the error, the more and more evident consequences, that even affected the celebration with guarantees of the football match between the national teams of Spain and Israel, ended up forcing Foro and PSOE to back off, exposing the frivolity of the political representatives and the harm caused unnecessarily.**


Since the approval last 14 January of the motion of municipal boycott, ACOM consolidated a coalition of the civil society of Gijón, with an essential role of El Club de los Viernes, who carried out political, social and media initiatives against this abuse. Also, in ACOM we took legal action against the agreement, as we have been doing successfully in all of Spain.

The solid commitment with civility and our constitutional values of PP (Pablo González, Centre-right) and Ciudadanos (José Carlos Fernández Sarasola, centre party) has been invaluable in the defeat of this scourge, with admirable efforts to remove that infamous adhesion and restore the good name of Gijón.

ACOM had already obtained legal and political triumphs in Asturias that showed the illegality and irresponsibility of the boycott, which was the precedent of what was to happen in Gijón: towns like Avilés immediately rectified following our legal demands after demolishing legal reports against a boycott that would be more fitting in the 1930s. Also, the town of Langreo received a severe ruling of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Asturias (High Court of Asturias) that ratified its repeal, reminding the city council of “the fundamental right not to be discriminated against”.

Despite this, all the attempts to find a reasonable solution were always rejected by PSOE, Foro and Podemos-IU. Far from accepting sensible proposals, the mayor has stubbornly persisted in her error for months, ordering the municipal companies to execute the boycott and falsifying that reality in the public forums.

The local, spanish and international media coverage has seriously affected the reputation of Gijón. Foro and PSOE have offered a grotesque spectacle of meek support for the anti-Semite and unconstitutional policies of IU-Podemos.

The boycott has died in Gijón after a later motion that exposed the angry reaction of José María Pérez, representative of PSOE, and the sectarianism of his positions, completely opposed to the official position of his party on the national level.

This new failure of the BDS shows its illegality and the disastrous consequences it brings on the cities that adhere to it, projecting an anti-Semite shadow that affects all the economic and social networks of the town.

The institutional promoters of this boycott are guilty of a serious recklessness: none of them can plead ignorance, and their frivolous irresponsibility, both political and legal, is evidenced.

After Gijón there is no longer any major city in Spain that maintains active their boycott against Israel. 5 towns have already voluntarily repealed their boycott agreements after our legal actions, plus 11 motions repealed by the Courts, and 2 more are suspended pending judgement. This same BDS movement is being investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office on its own initiative through its specialised section on Hate and Discrimination, and 9 of the people in charge of the BDS in Spain are being criminally prosecuted for the harassment and intimidation of the American Jewish artist Matisyahu, also perpetrated by the same band that promoted these illegal initiatives.



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