Yair Lapid, Leader of the centrist Opposition in Israel, visits Spain invited by ACOM & NGO Monitor

Yair Lapid, President of the Yesh Atid party, ex-Minister of Finance and leader of the centrist opposition in the Israeli Parliament, visited Spain last week invited by ACOM and NGO Monitor, with an extensive and fruitful list of institutional visits.
The Israeli politician wanted to show his support for the work of ACOM celebrating meetings of the highest level with political leaders and diplomatic representatives.
Particularly important was the meeting in the Spanish Parliament with members of the Spain-Israel parliamentary Intergroup. At the parliament, Yair Lapid and Ángel Mas, President of ACOM, presented the report that our organization has elaborated together with NGO-Monitor on the NGOs that receive an enormous amount of money from the State (Central Government, autonomous and local administrations), more than five million Euros just in 2015. Said report shows the discriminatory and anti-Semite nature of these groups, their permanent glorification of violence, as well as their evident links with bloody Palestinian terrorist groups such as the PFLP.
The Spanish members of parliament, who were a wide representation of the Spanish political spectrum and included the main spokespersons of the Foreign Commission of the Parliament, José Ramón García of PP and Ignacio Sánchez Amor of PSOE, showed their preoccupation for this fraudulent use of the taxpayers’ money and their predisposition to fight against it with legal measures.
The Jewish Community of Madrid, with its President David Hatchwell at the fore, also welcomed the speeches of Yair Lapid, Ángel Mas (President of ACOM) and Olga Deutsch, in charge of NGO-Monitor in Europe. The apology of violence that, financed by central and local governments, promotes hatred against anybody who associates with Israel in our country puts its aim on the Jewish minority in our country and allows the promotion of their exclusion with unconstitutional boycotts. Said conference was attended by political figures of the highest importance, such as the Vice-Secretary of Communication of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, or the Spokesperson of the political party Ciudadanos in Parliament and the President of the parliamentary intergroup of friendship with Israel, Juan Carlos Girauta.
Mr Lapid also met with the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ildefonso Castro, to whom he gave a letter for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis, signed by Mr Lapid himself, Ángel Mas and Olga Deutsch that enumerated extremely serious cases of financing by his department of extremist anti-Israeli groups and that urged him to immediately cease these behaviours (complete content of the letter available here).
Yair Lapid also celebrated a meeting with the General Secretary of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera.
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