About Moratinos and the fight against antisemitism in the UN

Since Miguel Ángel Moratinos set out to become the main responsible person for monitoring antisemitism from the UN, ACOM warned of his incapacity and inadequacy for the position. It goes without saying that anyone in this position who wishes to perform their duties must monitor very especially the same organisation they work for. One of the reasons that the UN has lost its past prestige is the permanent anti-Israeli bias it has shown these last decades. An enormous bias when evaluating the actions of the states of the world. The inclusion of bloody dictatorships in the bodies of the UN that defend human rights, or the shameful silence it keeps when hiding or justifying the abuses of the cruellest tyrannies, contrasts obscenely with the relentless and systematic condemnation of the only liberal democracy in this area of the world.

Thus, the fact that the UN says it is monitoring antisemitism is in itself a bad joke. Only in that sinister irony, in that disguise, in that moral fraud of pretending to worry about what you yourself are promoting can we make sense of someone like Moratinos being the visible face of the institutional affront. Mr Moratinos has organised an intergovernmental meeting (Cordoba, Spain, 20 June) where supposedly they will look for advances in the fight against antisemitism. If only there were a possibility of believing his words, denied not only by the countless resolutions of the UN that apply a double standard, but also by the political career of Moratinos, whose efforts to be in charge, precisely, of this matter make us suspect foul play.

Of course, for the declared tasks of his position Moratinos has no credit, and nothing can be expected from the meeting in Córdoba. Perhaps more decisions against Israel. Moratinos got to his current position from the high representation in another UN agency, the Alliance of Civilizations, which was mainly financed by Turkey, Spain, and Qatar. During his political career, his positions have been systematically hostile towards the State of Israel. That may be one of the reasons that prevent the UN from even adopting a definition of antisemitism. In any case, the positions of Moratinos fit in the definition of the IHRA, which the UN refuses to admit. With this nonexistent framework they will arrive in Córdoba.

Moratinos has not been a neutral agent in matters of antisemitism. Below we provide some proof of his bias. Being the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Spain, he presided over a mission to Gaza announced by the then Prime Minister Zapatero in a joint press conference with Bashar al-Assad. There they warned Israel that the mission would be “demanding”. He allied with Iran to demand of the USA respect for the territorial integrity of Syria. His closeness to the regime of the ayatollahs made the humanitarian organisation Movimiento contra la Intolerancia (Movement Against Intolerance) demand that Moratinos condemn Iran in the UN. From the Spanish Government he financed a “Congress of Islamic feminism” sponsored by Iran. He supported a unilateral statement of independence of the State of Palestine. He claimed as a legacy of Arafat the idea that negotiation is what leads to peace, forgetting that it was Arafat who frustrated at the last moment (against all logic and reversing his previous positions) the negotiated peace that has come closest to becoming a reality. He whitewashed the links of Bashar al-Assad with Iran. He declared “the decision of Trump to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was wrong, troublesome, and very dangerous”. What Moratinos has not done is condemn the antisemitic statements of Francesca Albanese, the anti-Israeli activist who now is the Special Rapporteur for the UN on the situation of human rights in the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority. According to Albanese, “the Jewish lobby has taken control of the USA”, “the Israeli lobby controls the BBC”, Israel started the war out of greed and, also, has no right to defend itself when it is attacked with missiles. In the face of this rotten rhetoric, Moratinos remains silent. He needn’t come to Cordoba.



https://a-com.es/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Dossier-Moratinos.pdf (In Spanish)