Amiad Yisrael, the baby victim of a Palestinian terrorist attack, was paid tribute to

The Association Dignidad y Justicia, a Spanish organization that defends the victims of terrorism recognised by the Ministry of Interior of Spain (Secretary of State for the Home Department), awarded posthumously yesterday in its annual gala the Gold Medal to the baby Amiad Yisrael, who died some months ago in a Palestinian jihadist terrorist attack. The initiative, which had the support of ACOM, has been the first posthumous tribute that the association has given to a non-Spanish citizen.

The parents of Amiad Yisrael received the medal and thanked the organisers and attendants for the honour given to the family with the posthumous Gold Medal for Amiad.

The event was attended by the main constitutionalist forces of Spanish right and centre politics, headed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President elect of Madrid of the Partido Popular (centre-right) and Javier Ortega-Smith, General Secretary of the right-wing party Vox. No left-wing or separatist parties attended the event.

This prestigious international tribute to the courage with which the Israeli citizens face terrorism makes evident that the work of public sensitisation of pro-Israel organizations such as ACOM has effect and support in the Spanish public opinion. For Angel Mas, President of ACOM: “The solidarity of organizations of victims of terrorism like Dignidad y Justicia, with their moral prestige among Spanish citizens, indicates that many things are changing in the public opinion in Spain, which more and more feels a greater understanding and sympathy for Israel victims of Palestinian terrorism and shows support more and more for the right of the state of Israel to defend its citizens against jihadi attacks.”